Projects listed below will not give specific locations because we may still be working the site. Even the closed projects listed will not list exact locations. We want to protect the property owner from getting over-run with treasure hunters.

Georgia - Sight was about 1/2 mile up this "road to nowhere" past the trees straight ahead.

John and Gary investigated this site where a gold coin cache was found in the 1890's. The recovery in the 1890's would be worth millions of dollars today. Even though a cache was found by a relative of the man who buried it during the civil war, the family believed there was a possibility that more was still buried on the farm.

We didn't find any caches, and we're 100% sure no more gold caches are on this property, but at one spot we got a signal, and after digging down a couple feet, tiny gold specs started falling into the hole. We found a small gold vein that ran for 5-6 feet! The specs were so small that the "pay-off" would be too small to try to work it, so we filled in the hole and left the property. But ........ could there be a much bigger vein deeper in the hole? Maybe. Will we go back to check someday? Maybe, but we're not miners, we're cache hunters. We consider this project closed.

Tennessee - We're !00% certain we were standing on top of a fortune where the marker is in this farm farm field

This project concerned a farmer who buried a large amount of gold coins during the civil war. Gary found this site while searching through historical records that were over 120 years old.

After researching where the man's farm was in that time period, the search was on.

John pinpointed a very good target on the old farm within just a few minutes. This lost cache would be worth multi millions of dollars on today's gold coin collector market. It was time to arrange a search agreement with the present property owner.

The team met with the property owner and a search agreement was denied! We're not going to talk about why we were denied, as it doesn't really matter. It was for personal family reasons. The man confirmed that he knew about the buried treasure on his property, he just didn't know exactly where it was. We are very confident that we do know exactly  where it is ....... we just can't get to it! We consider this project closed ....... at least for now.

Another Tennessee - We're very this spot contains a very valuable civil war treasure

This project didn't even come from Gary's research. They kind of "stumbled" onto this one while in Tennessee. John found a very good target and then the research revealed another civil war cache story on the target site. After arriving on the site, John quickly pinpointed the target. John says it is pretty much the best, strongest target he has ever gotten. Time to get a search agreement with the property owner.

A search agreement was denied. We can't go into further details because it could give away the site location. Because there is still a chance that a search agreement can be reached, we consider this site an active project.

North Carolina
One of Gary's research files, this site told of a fortune in gold coins buried on the farm. After a records search Gary located the original farm site. Unfortunately John did not get a target. We're 100% sure that there is no buried treasure on this farm. If John can't find a target, then there is no target! We're not sure if this cache was already dug up, or the historical documents that Gary found were wrong, but in any case, we consider this project closed.