Our current projects are sites that we are now planning to make recovery attempts on.

Current Project 1 - Florida

This site pertains to a cattle baron in the 1800's in  central Florida who buried a large amount of gold coins.

This rancher never  used banks to store his gold coins. He also never even told his wife that he had a savings. let alone where it was buried. He always feared that somebody might be able to "get it out of her".

Every time he sold cattle, payment was always in gold coins, and he added them to his secret place underground for many years. His "stash" became very large.

He wanted to tell his best friend where his hoard was hidden so that when it came his time to die, his friend could dig them up to give to his wife.

His friend convinced him not to reveal the location to him. His friend was afraid that if the coins got stolen, the rancher would suspect him as the thief.

They both agreed that if the rancher ever got gravely ill, he would summons his friend and then tell him where to find the gold.

Sure enough that day came. The rancher was sick and sinking fast.

He sent for his friend, but by the time his friend arrived at the ranch it was too late.  The rancher had already died.

Afterward the man sat down with the rancher's widow and told her the story of the buried fortune. She had no idea that her husband had a fortune saved and hidden.

She searched for the secret spot with the help of her husband's old friend but they didn't locate the lost hoard.

The widow searched for it off and on for years until her death.

The old friend didn't steal it. If that's what he was planning on doing he never would have told the widow that it existed in the first place.

There's a very high  probability that those gold collector coins are still right there on the old ranch.

The old ranch is still on open, undeveloped ground, and our team has the technology to locate it.

Current Project 2 North Carolina

We think a fortune in gold coins is buried in this farm field

We are actively working this site. John has pinpointed the spot. Probing the "X marks the spot" with probing rods shows the target to be 4 - 4 1/2 feet down. We will now attempt to get permission to dig from the land owner and "dig in".

Important!  For safety reasons I do not keep any files at home or on my computer. They have all been converted to digital and are in a bank safety deposit box. - Gary Downard

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