“Lost Treasure”

Is there anything more exciting than hunting for gold coin hoards buried in the ground?

Yes there is …………………….. finding them and recovering them!


When you read our “About Us” page and go through our “Projects ” links that appear at the top of every page, you’ll see why our team is 100% confident in their recovery efforts.

But the most exciting thing for you is the chance to become a sponser! You’ll be able to come along with us, or stay home. Either way you’ll get a very generous percentage of the value of the recovery, but also be considered as a full team member and be a part of the greatest adventure in the world – the hunt for real lost treasure! Contact us and we’ll talk. If you can’t sponser us yourself but introduce us to someone you know and they become a sponser, you’ll still earn a percentage of recoveries! We’re talking about millions of dollars in recovery values.

Our team is also available to make completely confidential efforts to recover treasure for others. If you know of a treasure and you would like assistance, contact us and our team will talk with you.